Rocket & Fennel Gimlet

Rocket & Fennel Gimlet

Our garden has provided a lot this year in terms of fruit and vegetables. This cocktail celebrates two of these, fenn... more

Angelo Azzurro, Negroni, Downton Distillery, Cocktail

Angelo Azzurro

This was created at Dante, 104-year-old Italian restaurant in Greenwich Village, New York. The heritage of the cockta... more

Gin, Rosé & Red Berry Daiquiri

Rosé & Red Berry Daiquiri

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy fresh English fruits and what better way to do that than supporting your local fr... more

Chardonnay Vodka, Oyster Martini, Downton Distillery, Shell, Wiltshire, World Vodka

Oyster Martini

Time to be adventurous and try something new outside your comfort zone? The Oyster Martini has become the vibiest coc... more

Cocktail, Spiced Lady, Citrus, Chili, Downton, Wiltshire

Spiced Lady

Sour style cocktails are a balance of citrus, spirits and a sugar syrup making it the perfect summer drink. They are ... more

Chocolate Martini

Chocolate Martini

With Easter upon us, surrounded by Chocolate eggs we thought it would be a natural fit to celebrate the Chocolate Mar... more