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adventure begins with a little spirit


Adventure lies at the heart of what we do, embracing new challenges and
discovering new experiences. Introducing our readers to Explorer’s of bygone
eras, to seek out their own new ventures in the pursuit of the unknown and
personal fufillment.

Distillery Compass, Downton, Adventure, Wiltshire


‘Life is about the journey, not the destination’ Ralph Waldo Emerson

This is something that we embrace as did our fore bearers. Life is an adventure, where you are continually learning and moving forward.  We took a leap of faith into the unknown, a world filled with colour, flavour, and beauty. There were no boundaries and through journeying the currents we have discovered new shores. Our adventure has seen obstacles overcome, dead ends navigated, and new doors opened. Our lives have been enriched by a wonderful vibrant community who have welcomed us with open arms. Downton Distillery has been able to become more than the concept it once was, drawn up on a piece of paper. As with all ventures, trust your gut instinct when a situation may not seem right, walk away when needed, it is all part of the journey. Learn, laugh, grow and work to live, for your adventure has only just begun."

Hugh Anderson



An explorer is an individual who travels to unfamiliar or unknown regions, whether on land, sea, or in space, with the purpose of discovering, investigating, mapping, or learning about new territories, cultures, environments, or phenomena. Often seeking to expand human knowledge and understanding of the world. Throughout history, explorers have played a crucial role in uncovering new lands, resources, and civilizations, shaping the course of human history and contributing to the advancement of science, navigation, and global connectivity.

Distillery Compass, Downton, Adventure, Wiltshire



Adventure is the excitement and willingness to do new, difficult, unusual, or rather dangerous challenges. It can mean feeling alive, being curious and trying new things, it is limitless, having the confidence to be brave, journeying into the unknown of your known. Meet some extraordinary people who always push the boundaries.

Distillery Compass, Downton, Adventure, Wiltshire



Overall, adventure is a multifaceted concept that encompasses a spirit of exploration, risk-taking, excitement, and personal development. It inspires individuals to seek out new experiences, embrace challenges, and live life to the fullest. These are some of things that we have done.

Distillery Compass, Downton, Adventure, Wiltshire
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