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During the Prohibition era in the United States, the Martini gained popularity due to its strong flavor and ability to mask the taste of bootlegged alcohol. It became the iconic symbol of rebellion and sophistication.

  • Chalke Valley History Festival

    Chalke Valley History Festival

    Every year a wonderful festival happens in the village of Broad Chalke just over the hill from the distillery. From humble origins in 2011 it has grown, now covering a 70-acre...

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  • Lighting of the Highest Jubilee Beacon By Peter Salenieks

    Lighting of the Highest Jubilee Beacon

    Written by Peter Salenieks Over two thousand beacons were lit across the United Kingdom and further afield on 2 June, marking the Queen's Platinum Jubilee by continuing a tradition that...

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  • Wild swimming, wiltshire, downton

    Wild Swimming

    With summer here we wish to introduce you to wild swimming. This sport has increased in popularity over the last four years, as people brave the natural elements in favour...

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  • Indiana Jones, Amazon, Downton Distillery

    Indiana Jones Theories Found to be True

    One of our Explorer’s last year was Colonel Percy Fawcett who disappeared in the Amazon whilst trying to find the ‘Lost City of Z’. His theory of a lost civilisation...

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  • South Pole, Treking

    Antarctica Adventure Updated 2022.01.01

    This month we were informed about a lady called 'Arabella Slinger' by one of our readers, who is currently in Antarctica trekking 600 miles over 40 days. Her journey will...

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  • Lucy Sheperd

    The Modern Adventurer

    Our Explorer of the month, is a remarkable lady. At 23 she was made a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and is the youngest council member of the Scientific...

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  • Queen of the Desert, Gertrude Bell

    Queen of the Desert

    Our Explorer of the month is unknown to many people considering her legendary exploits in Arabia. Gertrude Bell was a writer, traveller, political officer, administrator, and archaeologist who explored, mapped,...

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  • The Queen of the Skies

    The Queen of the Skies

    Our adventurer of the month was a pioneer of flight, she amongst other female pilots led a blazing trail through the golden age of aviation. She was meant to have...

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  • Who was the Real Indiana Jones?

    Who was the Real Indiana Jones?

    300 years after Raleigh tried to find El Dorado, Percy Fawcett set out to find a different city, a city that he called 'Z'.  Steven Spielberg & George Lucas based...

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  • The Master Mariner

    The Master Mariner

    This summer both Meike and I went on holiday to the Turkish side of Cyprus. Not having any expectations of what lay in store we were delighted to see both...

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  • Silician Lemons

    The Zingy Lemon

    The definition of 'zingy' is someone or something full of zest that is full of flavour and brings spark and life to something. This is exactly what the lemon does...

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