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Wild Swimming

With summer here we wish to introduce you to wild swimming. This sport has increased in popularity over the last four years, as people brave the natural elements in favour of open water rather than a chlorine filled swimming pool.

There is nothing more bracing, refreshing or adventurous than swimming outdoors in a natural pond, river, lake, mountain tarn or in the sea. The BBC wrote an article about its effects in how it is not just beneficial for your physical health, but also for your mental wellbeing. The Wim Hof showed us this earlier this year.

We have collated some useful information for you to help you start.


The society has an interactive wild swim map where you can search for wild swimming spots all over the world and contribute your own secret swimming spots. With over 125K members this is an excellent place to start. Described variously as ‘the most magical club in the world’ and ‘the friendliest place on the internet’, they enable people to ‘find the others’ who enjoy wild swimming and places to explore.


As with all sports there are guidelines that you should be aware of to ensure your own safety and those with you.



Daniel Start has produced a series of books for both wild swimming spots and cross-country swimming, whilst several magazines have written articles on their top spots. The later is where swimmers both swim and hike between different spots. Cross country swimming is all about creating self-supported adventures across land and water. Take your food, shelter and equipment with you as you swim. You can book yourself on an expedition with Above Below, whose motto is ‘Enjoyment.’

The best thing is – it is free!

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