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Who was the Real Indiana Jones?

Who was the Real Indiana Jones?

300 years after Raleigh tried to find El Dorado, Percy Fawcett set out to find a different city, a city that he called 'Z'.  Steven Spielberg & George Lucas based their original movie on Percy Fawcett and his exploits in South America. Percy led seven expeditions into the Jungles of Peru, Bolivia and Brazil where he built a belief that there had once been a large civilisation living in the jungles. His party was to disappear into the jungles of Brazil in the region of Mato Grosso in 1925 as they headed into uncharted territory. Their campfires were observed for five nights before going dark, never to be heard from again.

His theory was found to be true when Kuhikugu was discovered in 1925 in an area close to where he had been searching. These settlements disappeared due to the arrival of the Europeans, who bought new diseases such as smallpox and mumps which decimated upto 80% of these indigenous Amerindian populations, in the 16th century. As the survivors fled their homes, the jungle quickly swallowed them back, leaving no traces, excepet mounds, ditches and broken pottery. Pottery that Percy had found on one of his expeditions.


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