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Chalke Valley History Festival

Chalke Valley History Festival

Every year a wonderful festival happens in the village of Broad Chalke just over the hill from the distillery. From humble origins in 2011 it has grown, now covering a 70-acre farm. This annual event the occurs over the last week of June that excites, enthrals, and entertains about the past and how it influences our future. The festival features a wide range of talks, discussions and debates, plus immersive living history, live music and historical performances and experiences – all designed to promote the understanding of history to all ages. In addition to the main festival, the Chalke Valley History Festival also hosts the History Festival for Schools, which is designed to promote the understanding of history to students. 2,500 independent and state school students attend each year from all over the UK.

This year there were 180 speakers alongside all the living historical acts that people could interact with. It was a wonderful week and thank you to those that helped organise it, ran the bars, kept the grounds immaculately tidy and the 200 volunteers. If you have never heard of it, place it into your diaries for next year 24th - 30th June 2024 and we will see you there. 

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