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Great Bustards on salisbury Plain

Conservation - The Great Bustard

During the 19th Century, the Great Bustard was hunted to extinction. For over 20 years, the Great Bustard Group has proved that this magnificent bird can thrive in Britain, once again. It has successfully supported a breeding population of 100 birds which is slowly growing on Salisbury Plain. Great Bustards live on rolling plains, gathering in flocks in the evening, typically on the crest of hills, where they can keep watch. Among the grasses of Salisbury Plain, they are surprisingly well camouflaged for a big bird. They eat plants and insects, though they will take the occasional mouse or small reptile when they can get it. Since 2019, all new releases are now solely home-grown Bustards.
Radio 4 have a 'tweet' of the day and this is the Great Bustard.
The Great Bustard is an iconic bird for the county of Wiltshire. It has special status, appearing on the County Coat of Arms and on its crest. The image of the Great Bustard is found throughout the county in settings as diverse as the symbol of the High Sheriff and the badge of the Girl Guides.
To learn more about them, please visit The Great Bustard Organisation
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