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Refills can be purchased at Downton Brewery, Dark Revolution Brewery (Old Sarum Airfield), Healthy Living (Devizes) & Regent Tailoring in Salisbury.

Pink Gin Downton Distillery

Pink Gin

This cocktail celebrates the original pink gin (and not the new pink gins). The colour of this cocktail comes from Angostura bitters and is also known as gin and bitters. Pink gin involves two ingredients gin and Angostura bitters - simple but delicious.

Angostura bitters was created by a German doctor called Johann Siegert who lived a Venezuelan town called Angostura. In 1820 he created a herbal medicine which was marketed as a cure to sea sickness. A British ship surgeon bought several bottles and mixed it with gin. This pink aromatic drink became famous and by 1850 it was being made in bars. It is a fabulous aperitif and a great way to show off your favourite gin. 

Ease of Making: Easy 

Glass Type: Martini Glass

Taste: Refreshing

Original Recipe:

  • 50ml Explorer's Gin
  • 3 dashes of Angostura bitters.
  • Pour both into a cocktail shaker with ice
  • Shake vigorously 


  • Place ice into a mixing glass
  • Add the Angostura bitters to the glass and stir for 15 seconds
  • Drain off any excess water in the glass then add your gin
  • Strain into a chilled martini glass
  • Garnish with grapefruit peel twist


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