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Nose: Juniper, floral and citrus notes with a subtle bouquet of pineapple (red cedar), spice and anise.

Palate: Juniper appears at the forefront replaced by the bright bold citrus flavours, pink and sichuan pepper provide the warmth with verbena adding the creamy textures. As the sichuan oils oxidise on your tongue it causes the mouth to cool providing the subtle mint notes which enhance the tail notes of fennel and liquorice providing the final flourish that lingers in the mouth.

Finish: Smooth, rounded full bodied, with a luxurious texture.

Free From

  • No flavour or sugar is added post distillation.
  • This spirit is gluten, lactose, sugar free and vegan friendly.
  • No nuts have been used in the process.

The Perfect Serves

Perfect Serve I 50ml Explorer’s Gin, Fevertree Tonic, ice and garnished with either orange or grapefruit peel, zest the rim.

Short Serve I Downton Negroni  35ml Explorer’s Gin, 35ml Campari, 35ml 1738 Red Vermouth. Ice. Stir. Orange twist.

Long Serve I French 75 (Vermeire 1922)  I  40ml Explorer’s Gin, 20ml Calvados, grenadine & lemon juice. Shake. Twist.

Classic Serve I Vesper Martini  I  60ml Explorer’s Gin, 20ml Downton Chardonnay Vodka, 10ml Lillet Blanc. Ice. Stir.


Creditation: We are small green business certified.

Refill Packs: When you finish your bottle, you can top it up by purchasing our refill pack. Designed to fit through your letter box, it will save you 22% and can be returned to us once used. It is a win for your pocket and the environment, helping us reduce our carbon footprint.

Rewilding Juniper: Juniper is the core ingredient for all gin. Most distilleries have to import their Juniper from either Italy or Poland, as English Juniper is very hard to find. Part of this reason is that it has lost over 50% of its natural habitat within the UK and continues to at an alarming rate. It has lost over 80% of its favoured terroir which is chalkland. Fortunately, with our location on the Wiltshire Downs it provides us the ideal terrain to successfully grow Juniper with the south facing slopes looking towards The New Forest. To date we have been planting juniperus communis saplings above the upper vineyard of Domaine Hugo.

2023.03 - the saplings have survived their first test, a Britsh winter!

2023.11 - all saplings have enjoyed the summer and continue to thrive.

With luck they will provide us our own British Juniper in the future. We will share updates with you on this exciting project.

Packaging: Our bottles are shipped using Flexi Hex, which is an innovative, sustainable, eco-friendly protective product that allows for the safe and secure shipping of bottles. It was created with the environment and sustainability in mind, their honeycomb sleeves and boxes are biodegradable, recyclable, plastic free, made from sustainably sourced materials and manufactured carbon neutral.

Refill packs are shipped in our recycled card board boxes, which you can post back to us using our Freepost labels. Just post the box or refill pouch back into your nearest post box.

We continue to evolve and improve.


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