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Refills can be purchased at Downton Brewery, Dark Revolution Brewery (Old Sarum Airfield), Healthy Living (Devizes) & Regent Tailoring in Salisbury.



Involves the systematic evaluation of the sensory attributes. The appearance, aroma, clarity, flavour and texture of products through human sensory perception.

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UK has experienced a craft spirits boom in recent years. This has led to the emergence of numerous small-scale, artisanal distilleries producing unique and high-quality spirits, often with a focus on local ingredients and innovative flavour profiles. Large spirits companies have also sought to jump aboard the spirits revival bandwagon with their own sub-brands, appearing as smaller craft brands, with their own funky branding. With little transparency on offer customers have been confused in who they are supporting, a small local distillery or a global brand. The ‘Made In’ Campaign is to provide transparency to this question, that you are supporting local.

One shot Method DISTILLING

Is when all the botanical ingredients used to flavour the spirit are added to the still at the beginning of the distillation process. This differs from other methods where some botanicals are added later in the process or infused separately from the base spirit. It is highly regarded for its ability to capture the full spectrum of botanical flavours and aromas, resulting in a more nuanced and complex gin profile.

Downton Distillery, Distilling, Gin, Salisbury, Wiltshire


We handcraft all our spirits, meticulously following recipes we've developed, tested, and perfected, incorporating locally or ethically sourced ingredients. Each ingredient playing a part within that spirit.

We start by macerating the botanicals in alcohol for 48hrs before distilling them. Once distilled we leave the new spirits to rest prior to diluting them with our own natural spring water from the downs.

We do not use chill filtration, this is where the spirit once chilled is passed through a fine mesh filter, often made of cellulose or activated charcoal. The filter traps any fatty acids, proteins, and other compounds that can cause the spirit to become hazy or develop a cloudy appearance when chilled.

There is no automation, with every step done by hand, which is carefully monitored ensuring we create spirits of distinction that are characterful and unique.

Our still is called Abeona. She was the Roman goddess of outward journeys, watching over those who set out on their adventures. She also watched over children as they left home for the first time to explore the world.


It is a process where the gin must be produced through redistilling ethyl alcohol with natural botanicals. No artificial ingredients may be added, except a tiny amount of sugar to sweeten the spirit. Water is the only substance that may be added once distilled. Explorer's Gin and Great Bustard Gin use this process.


our ethos

We want to create unique quality spirits using traditional practices, whilst creating a visionary and sustainable brand. We believe in supporting ethical suppliers and producers, whilst contributing to our vibrant industry and inspiring others to follow our steps. Together working with other local businesses, we can bring meaningful benefits, sustainable actions, rewilding, supporting charities, sharing stories and helping each other succeed in these times of hardship. Ambition means nothing without action.

We also love a good collaboration or challenge just ask James.


There are many disciplines in running a distillery. On our long tours we discuss the journey of how to create a recipe, the dead ends, variations and balancing profiles. How a botanical could then taste in liquid state. There are no simple answers, everything is subjective. If you would like a Gin Masterclass and create your own recipe, please contact us.

Distillery Garden, Downton, Wiltshire
Downton Distillery; Distillery, Downton, Tour, Gin, Vodka, Sustainable, Eco, Green, Wiltshire, Cranborne, Salisbury
Explorer's Gin, Bottle, Downton Distillery, Award Winning, Wiltshire
Downton Distillery, Distillery, Wiltshire, Explorer's Gin, World Award, Craft Gin
Rewilding Juniper, Downton, Distillery, Wiltshire Downs, Explorer's Gin, Downton Distillery, International Award, China, Masters Medal, Gold, Salisbury, Craft, Salisbury, Wiltshire, Small Batch, Gin, Vodka, sustianability, eco, green
Hugh Anderson Interview Downton Distillery Wiltshire Salisbury
Downton Distillery, Distillery, Wiltshire, Explorer's Gin, World Award, Craft Gin
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