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Walking on Wick Down

Walking on Wick Down

The hills are indeed alive with the 'sound of music'. Yesterday I took a group out onto the Downs to see what we could find. It was almost like going on safari, just without the big game. Maps were consulted, a route agreed, snacks gathered, binoculars packed and off we set.

Within minutes we were immersed in the scenic countryside that surrounds us. Everywhere you look there are old neolithic remnants, forts, barrows and drove tracks, history surrounds us. But in closing your eyes, your ears tune into the opera being sung around you. Skylarks are warbling above, flocks of Linnets and finches surround you, forever just ahead as they flew down the track. The piercing shrills of the buzzard, circling catching the air current trying to gain height whilst dodging the diving crows. The stars must have been flock of Long tailed tits, who flew across us, flitting in and out of the hedge line, with two yellow hammers, a bird whose numbers have been declining.  

Not to be out done, the Red Kite came gliding over our heads almost within touching distance, looking regal and terrifying all at once. Everywhere something was happening, including the hare chasing each other across the fields at an impressive speed.

One thing I can guarantee, when our foraging tours start, there will be so much more to experience and see on our distillery safari!

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