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Smoked Blood Orange Mimosa, Cocktails, Downton Distillery

Smoked Blood Orange Mimosa

The champagne and orange mixture has been known to have different origins. In 1921, at Buck’s Club in London, the Buc... more

Bitter French, cocktail, negroni

Bitter French

Crossing two of our favourites, the Negroni and the French 75, results in a delicious cocktail called the 'Bitter Fre... more

Rhubarb 75

Rhubarb 75

Rhubarb is a wonderful versatile vegetable that starts to make its appearance in early spring, with its red shoots em... more

Hugo Spritz Cocktail

Our Summer Cocktail, the 'Hugo Spritz'

Last weekend we attended the most beautiful wedding in Italy, at a gorgeous vineyard just outside Modena. The wedding... more

Rose 75

The 'Feisty French 75'

If you love gin and Champagne, the 'Feisty French 75' is the perfect cocktail to have this Valentine’s Day, whether y... more