Queen's Platinum Jubilee Martini

Queen's Platinum Jubilee Martini

The Dubonnet cocktail is designed to showcase the finest gin you have in the bar. Originally an un-garnished cocktail from the 1930s, it is now served with a twist of lemon or orange peel.

It is said that Queen Elizabeth II enjoys a Dubonnet and Gin martini before lunch and there are several variations of this cocktail, where Dubonnet replaces the dry vermouth. To celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee Simon Difford created a new martini and increased the alcohol volume in keeping the dry vermouth.

Dubonnet is a sweet, fortified wine aperitif made from a blend of fortified wine infused with herbs and spices, including blackcurrant, black tea varietals, and quinine. Created in 1846 by Joseph Dubonnet, a chemist and wine merchant from Paris, Dubonnet designed his fortified wine to help French soldiers imbibe quinine against malaria in North Africa.

The spirit was awarded a coveted Royal Warrant in 2021.

Ease of Making: Easy, amend quantities as needed.

Glass Type: Nick & Nora or Old Fashioned (Tumbler)

Taste: Boozy, spirit led with herbal notes, citrus from the garnish


  •  30 ml Explorer’s Gin
  • 30ml Dry Vermouth
  • 30ml Dubonnet
  • Garnish with either lemon or orange peel


  • Place ice into a cocktail shaker
  • Add the gin, vermouth and dubonnet
  • Stir the spirits with a barspoon until chilled
  • Strain into a chilled glass
  • Garnish


  • Different dry vermouths will influence the flavour profile, we enjoy Lillet Blanc
  • If you can not chill your glass, add ice like, which will help dilute this punchy number!
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