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Basil Smash

Posted by Hugh Anderson on

Basil Smash

This is a refreshing summery number that dances on your palate. Its vibrancy reminds me of the wheat grass shots that are often promoted as boosting one’s wellness, but here the freshness of basil provides the same kick.

The great thing about this cocktail is that basil can be replaced by Coriander, tarragon, thyme, kaffir lime leaves or any red berries (Strawberry smash).

We recommend using fresh basil from the garden and a fresh lemon, as this have more flavour and zest.

Ease of Making: Easy 

Glass Type: Rocks Glass or Old Fashioned

Taste: Refreshing with both citrus and herbal tones.


  • 50 ml Explorer’s Gin
  • 30 ml Lemon Juice
  • 15ml Sugar Syrup or teaspoon of Caster Sugar
  • Lots of basil (more provides stronger flavours).


  • Muddle basil leaves, lemon juice and simple sugar syrup in cocktail shaker.
  • If you do not have a muddler – add everything into the shaker
  • Add gin and lots of ice to the cocktail shaker and shake hard (smash it)
  • Fill your glass with ice
  • Strain cocktail into your glass

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