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Refills can be purchased at Downton Brewery, Dark Revolution Brewery (Old Sarum Airfield), Healthy Living (Devizes) & Regent Tailoring in Salisbury.

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During the Prohibition era in the United States, the Martini gained popularity due to its strong flavor and ability to mask the taste of bootlegged alcohol. It became the iconic symbol of rebellion and sophistication.

  • Listen to BBC Radio Solent - Gin O'Clock

    Listen to BBC Radio Solent - Gin O'Clock

    Over the last month the wonderful duo of Sally and Lloyd of the Christchurch Confectioner have been showcasing regional and local micro distilleries. Their reviews discuss the heritage, terroir, botanicals...

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  • Cheers, Celebration, Gin, Beer

    Cheers to that!

    On World Gin Day ‘Just Luxe’ a luxury lifestyle magazine published their review of the most innovative and interesting gins in the global market. Having been included in their review...

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  • Spring Review of Gin Market

    Spring Review of Gin Market

    This was published on Gin Foundry With the promise of Spring budding on every tree branch (not that we can get to with all the self isolation) and the interminable...

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