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UK Spirits Alliance Award

The UK Spirits Alliance Award

Earlier this year we switched our focus from making gin to creating hand sanitiser for our local communities. This sw... more

Gin comes together

Gin comes together

Over the last couple of months it has been wonderful to see how different sectors have come together for the greater ... more

Where has all the hand sanitiser gone?

Where has all the hand sanitiser gone?

BBC Article - by Stephanie Hegarty Population correspondent. Shelves all over the world are empty, there's slim picki... more

Coronavirus wash hands

Home Alcohol and Hand Sanitiser

I received a couple of enquiries about using ‘Whisky’ as an option for hand sanitiser, I would normally have said ‘no... more

COVID-19 Hand Sanitiser

Making Hand Sanitiser

The new coronavirus (Covid-19) is spreading very quickly and everyone is susceptible to the pandemic. In attempt to s... more