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Refills can be purchased at Downton Brewery, Dark Revolution Brewery (Old Sarum Airfield), Healthy Living (Devizes) & Regent Tailoring in Salisbury.

Supporting Sustainability

Supporting Sustainability

Being sustainable is not an easy task, more so when our 'Explorer's' bottle is made & decorated in Milan before it travels across Europe to get to us.

I am often asked why we had to increase the price of Explorer’s. It was not an easy decision but unfortunately, we were forced to due to a number of underlying factors.
The last year has been challenging for us, and the pandemic has left its footprint not only on us but across every industry. The surge in manufacturing, has led to the increase in energy consumption and the need for new factories to meet demand. The usual suspects Brexit, driver shortages, energy, inflation and lack of raw materials have all had a significant impact. In addition, harvests have been poor across the world due to terrible weather conditions, travel restrictions have led to higher shipping costs and tariff wars continue to rumble in the background.

Many of the larger companies have been able to buffer and absorb these costs to date, but many smaller companies are struggling, leading to price increases. For many the increases will occur in the new year as these can no longer be contained as inflation kicks in.

The Drinks Business recently published an interesting article regarding the current ‘supply shortages’. Just this week prices for Italian Juniper (our core ingredient) have skyrocketed and it is now £12,564 per ton which is a 87% price increase compared to two years ago!

We are trying to turn this issue into something positive with our refill packs. As you finish your beautiful Explorer’s bottle, please do not throw it away. Keep it, recycle it, reuse and refill it.

We can help you save money; it helps us and together we can be more environmentally friendly. We will also cover your shipping costs, it is a win for your pocket.



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