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Alwar, India, Old Countries

How Good is your Geography?

The world is constantly evolving, with national boundaries often moving. Brexit is a clear example here, but as new nations rise, others fade away through war, internal turmoil, or simply by holding a referendum and voting themselves out of existence! This month we decided to have fun and broaden your knowledge for your next game of trivial pursuit or pub quiz. Here are two countries that you might have never heard of, but would have seen in a film or glossy travel magazine. Both are definitely on our list of places to go to (one day!). 

Sovereign State: 1771 - 1949
Downfall: Unification of India
Population: 700,000
Area: 8,547 sq. Km
Location: India
The country was originally within the Matsya Kingdom. This princely state was established in 1770 with the backing of the East India company which at the time controlled 60% of India. It is famous for its forts and nature reserves. The state was swallowed in 1949 with the creation of the Indian Union and is part of Rajasthan.

Sovereign State: 1916 - 1925
Downfall: Invaded by neighbouring kingdom
Population: 850,000
Area: 250,000 sq. km
Location: Saudi Arabia
Hejaz lies on the western side of the Arabian Peninsula, stretching along the Red Sea. During WW1 were promised their own state if they overthrew the Ottomans. Instead Hejaz remained under British influence. In 1925 the kingdom was invaded by the Sultanate of Nejd, the newly formed kingdom became Saudi Arabia.

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