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Refills can be purchased at Downton Brewery, Dark Revolution Brewery (Old Sarum Airfield), Healthy Living (Devizes) & Regent Tailoring in Salisbury.



During the Prohibition era in the United States, the Martini gained popularity due to its strong flavor and ability to mask the taste of bootlegged alcohol. It became the iconic symbol of rebellion and sophistication.

  • Explorer's Gimlet Downton Distillery

    Revival of the Gimlet

    We are often asked what type of drink is 'Explorer's' good at making?  It's wonderful in making a Negroni, Martini and French 75, but there is another unsung hero who...

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  • Negroni Downton

    The Notorious Negroni

    How many of you know that this week (24th - 30th June) is Negroni Week? For those that do not know the Negroni, it is to this decade what the...

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