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Lucerne, Red Clover, Great Bustard Gin Botanicals

The Father of all Foods

Great Bustard Gin uses Alfalfa (Lucerne) and Red Clover as the back bone to the gin. The Romans called them the 'Father of all plants' because of their high nutritional values and use as forages crop for livestock. Yet with modern farming practices these two plants have become fallen into the background. Both plants can play a significant role in sustainable agriculture by enhancing soil health, reducing the need for chemical inputs, supporting biodiversity, and improving ecosystem services.

They are leguminous with the ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen into the soil through a symbiotic relationship with rhizobium bacteria in its root nodules. This process converts atmospheric nitrogen into ammonia, which plants can use, thereby enriching the soil with essential nutrients.

Both red clover and lucerne have deep root systems that help improve soil structure. Red clover’s roots enhance soil aeration and permeability, while lucerne's deep roots break up compacted soil layers, increase water infiltration, and reduce soil erosion. The decaying plant material from these cover crops adds organic matter to the soil, which improves soil texture, water retention, and nutrient-holding capacity.

These plants can improve pest and disease management by attracting beneficial insects that prey on crop pests. By disrupting pest life cycles and reducing the incidence of certain diseases, it minimizes the need for chemical pesticides. With the deep roots of both plants they can help increase the amount of carbon stored in the soil, contributing to carbon sequestration efforts and helping mitigate climate change.

These plants are truly the King and Queen of the plant world and we are proud to enlighten you about these forgotten wonders from an ancient era in a modern world.

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