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The Antartic Fire Angels, Bex and Georgie, Tent, Antartica

The Antartic Fire Angels

One of the planet’s last great untouched wildernesses, the South Pole has long been the crowning jewel of polar exploration. Since Scott, Shackleton and Amundsen first attempted to find a route to the southernmost point on earth, its haunting landscapes and serene beauty have been a constant challenge to man’s unquenchable quest for adventure. It has now become the adventure of a lifetime for Georgina Gilbert and Rebecca Openshaw – Rowe.

They have now completed their 1,300km expedition finishing on Jan.12 having completed it in 52 days, 10 hours, and 30 mins. Their final push was 36km, 8km longer than their average days, showing they still had something left in the tank after a long expedition.  Read more


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