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Walk for Cancer

Moonwalk 2020 for Breast Cancer

This is a story about cancer and how it has impacted those I love dearly. Research will inform you that the most common type is breast cancer, with those over 50 being most at risk.

Whilst those statistics may be true, six wonderful ladies under the age of 50, including my partner, were diagnosed with breast cancer within the space of a year. Fast forward in time -not all have survived and where there was much laughter between them all, some of those voices are now silent.

Those qualities and traits that define you as a character are slowly eroded away as battle is engaged within the body.  Loss of hair, eyelashes, energy is common. Thoughts become muddled due to the drugs and simple tasks become frustrating. Hot flushes, nausea and rolling waves of vomiting appear as the body weakens. Remaining positive becomes harder knowing that you must go through it all again with the next chemo session. It is not my position to recount the tales that these ladies went through, they are the survivors who have earned that right.

However, it is my job to sing praises of the multiple teams who supported them behind the scenes. The research teams and care teams that fight this horrible disease on a daily basis. They are the ones who bring hope, new medicines, laughter, smiles, endless positivity and words of encouragement to those in need during their darkest hours. Those little flickers of light or simplest acts of kindness count for so much.

16th May the Distillery and 12 friends, including some those survivors, are doing the Moon Walk in London raising money for Cancer research. If you wish to join us, please sign-up or give generously to help support those who are diagnosed in the future.Thank you.


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