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Silver Spitfire Explorers Gin

Silver Spitfire

It’s an adventure that has never been attempted before: circumnavigating the globe in a Spitfire.

Explorers Gin Silver Spitfire

Explorer’s Gin flies to Milan in support of “Silver Spitfire - The Longest Flight Expedition.”

IWC, as the main sponsor of this expedition, are commemorating this iconic plane with a special edition range of watches that will be on display at the exclusively created Spitfire Club in Milan on the 29h May.

Downtown Distillery are proud to support the opening night through the provision of our high-octane Explorer’s Gin cocktails for the event!

The restored Spitfire boasting a unique silver-chrome finish, will take off from London to embark on a round-the-world flight. The aircraft, built in 1943, will cover more than 43,000 kilometres over several months, visiting some 30 countries on its way. This embodies the true ‘Spirit of Adventure’ that Explorer’s Gin was created to celebrate - from historic to present expeditions and events that push the boundaries at all levels.

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