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Pierre Bedouilla and the Ocean Travel Explorer

COYA Private Member's Club and a True Global Explorer

Two explorer's came head to head on the 2nd July in Piccadilly, when we were delighted to support a true Global Explorer with our own ‘Explorer's Gin’ at COYA Private Member's Club in London. 

Global explorer Christina Franco has conquered the polar and arctic regions solo, and won the Polar Race 2005 to the Magnetic North Pole with team mate Justin Packshaw. With many accolades under her belt, including being the last woman to attempt a solo trip to the North Pole, the guests for the evening were treated to hearing Christina talk about her incredible exploits and adventures.  

Christina and Chalrie Andrews of Downton Distillery

Head Barman, Pierre Bedouilla and his team worked extensively prior to the event to create their very own cocktail to honour this event and the history of Exploration, and devised the ‘Ocean Travel Explorer.’ 

Ocean Travel Explorer

Served in a Nick & Nora rimmed with edible geranium paint, Explorer's Gin, pisco, kombu and garnished with samphire, this extraordinary Ocean Pisco Cordial was a true adventure in itself. 

Christina is about to embark on yet another adventure - and this time with her eight-year-old son Vittorio on a trip labelled No Plan No Plane. Their path will be lead by the suggestions of people they meet and of those who follow them via social media, for which she says: "We want to immerse ourselves in the journey completely and want the people we meet along the way and those who follow us to suggest the next places to visit either because they know someone we should go stay with or have visited a place they feel we should really see".  

Now that is a true Spirit of Adventure and we are delighted to continue to support Christina and Vittorio as they explore the world together!  


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