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Communities Matter - Help Us Help You Beat It

Communities Matter - Help Us Help You Beat It

We are now raising money in order to make much needed hand sanitiser for our communities.

Times have changed, and we all need to step up and help as we now all face a common yet unprecedented enemy in the shape of Covid 19. To date we have all been watching the news as communities in China, Italy and Spain have been destroyed by the virus. Watching convoys of military trucks taking away bodies for cremation is one of the most sobering things I have seen in years and my thoughts are with those families who never had the chance to say goodbye or give that one last hug to loved ones.

COVID 19 has totally changed our landscape overnight, schools closed, roads empty, town centres quiet, shops closed, with some boarded up for good. The skies are empty of planes travelling to exotic destinations, and families are now wondering how they will survive. Goods that were once plentiful are scarce and, in some cases, a luxury resource. What we watched from afar is now upon us and in our own communities. No one is immune from it and it is a killer of all ages.

It is amazing to see how our communities have risen to the challenge, helping out those in need within their community. Our doctors, nurses, health workers, police, community services and the many volunteers who help both NHS and all the other businesses come from within our communities. They are our life line as they serve selflessly on the front line combating Covid19.

If Downton Distillery can play a small role in helping and preventing the inexorable march and loss of life to COVID-19 then it will do so.

Following the fantastic lobbying of Alan Powell, of the British Distillers Alliance, HMRC have agreed to suspend the paying of tax against alcohol. This means that the distillery no longer must pay tax in order to create hand sanitiser. This allows Downton Distillery to step onto the playing field and help our communities. 
Last week we released our first batches of hand sanitiser. This went to local villages around Downton and to the Wiltshire front line services, but sadly it has already gone.

In order to really help and provide hand sanitiser in the quantities required, the distillery needs to buy supplies in bulk. The raised amount will allow the teams behind the scenes the chance to create 10,000L of hand sanitiser.

Creating the hand sanitiser is one part of the jigsaw, identifying key points of contact, delivering it to our front line services and into communities are important parts too. Everyone has a part to play in keeping our communities safe.

Please watch the Downton Distillery web pages for updates as we release more hand sanitiser. Your money will help potentially help save lives and keep your own community safe. Alone we can do so little but together we can do so much, let us know how we can help you beat it.



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