Our 'Aviation Series' celebrates aeronautical feats within the last 100 years of flying. We have two legendary aircraft that were iconic in their eras. The Spitfire is symbolic to the Second World War and was built just down the road from the distillery in Salisbury. A secret workforce of unskilled young men and women worked in sheds, garages and bus depots creating various parts of the plane, without knowing what they were creating.
In 2019 we were honoured to take part in the celebrations of the 'Longest Flight' where the the Silver Spitfire was flown around the world by Matt Jones and Steve Boultbee.
If ever an aircraft can be said to have redefined passenger transport, the Ford Trimotor has to be one of the outstanding examples. The design copied the Junkers and was built using aluminium. It was rugged, hardy and continued to be used into 1960's. Rear Admiral Richard Byrd used one for his polar expiditions.
Silver Spitfire under storm clouds
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