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Szechuan Pepper Explorer's Gin

The Spicy Szechuan Peppercorn

Szechuan pepper provides the warmth and spice in Explorer’s Gin. It originated from China and has been used in culina... more

Red Beard our Western Red Cedar

Red Beard our Western Red Cedar

Discover Western Red Cedar On the grounds of Downton Manor House grows a very old tree who reminds me of 'Tree Beard'... more

Patent to settle the New World

1584 The patent to settle the New World

435 years ago, on 25th March 1584 Queen Elizabeth 1 presented Sir Walter Raleigh a royal patent to settle and colonis... more

Wilton House

Ministry of Food at Wilton House

Explorer's Gin can now be found at Wilton House Café which is now being run by the wonderful Ministry of Food Hampshi... more

New Forest Wines - Explorer's Gin

New Forest Wines

Ringwood is an old town that dates to 961 and its original name was Rimucwuda meaning 'town next to the wood'. This m... more

Explorer's Gin

Christchurch Confectioner

To the south west of the New Forest lies the town of Christchurch. This town used to be part of Hampshire but in 1974... more