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Gold Grapefruit Explorer's Gin

The Golden Grapefruit

The grapefruit is a hybrid of sweet orange and pomelo, which is another gin botanical used by distillers. The grapefr... more

Silician Lemons

The Zingy Lemon

The definition of 'zingy' is someone or something full of zest that is full of flavour and brings spark and life to s... more

An adventure to remember?

An adventure to remember?

It's been a busy six months at Downton Distillery, and we have had the great pleasure in hosting events around the co... more

Explorer's Gin

Muddy Stilettos fall to charm of Downton Distillery

Muddy Stilettos recently reviewed artisan gins from around the country and recently informed their readership of the ... more

Explorer's Gin Downton Distillery Compass

Downton Distillery wins Bursary Spot

This week we are taking a look at a part of the show that truly defines the whole thing for us – our Bursary spot. Ea... more

Hugh Anderson distiller Downton Distillery

Gin Foundry Interview Downton Distillery

The following was written by the Gin Foundry team. It’s rare when we see a start-up with massive potential right off ... more